Our Amazing Staff

Our staff at COKO is truly exceptional, and their hard work and dedication are what make our organization a wonderful place. With their expertise and compassion, they provide essential support to orphans in need, and we are incredibly grateful for all that they do.

  • Jay Rowe

    Founder / Director of COKO

    Jay has traveled extensively around East Africa working at different orphanages and has learned a lot over the years to help him in the running of COKO. Jay can be found frequently visiting and helping out at COKO in Tanzania.

  • Yusuf Babu Msuya

    Co-Founder / Co-Director of COKO

    Babu is a retired teacher who runs Moshi's leper project, and his years of public service have made him well-known in the area. His expertise in day-to-day operations of our orphan charity, COKO, is invaluable.

  • Roger Dooley

    Director of Information Technology

    Roger manages the website, as well as provides back-office support to our charity for orphans in Moshi, Tanzania, COKO.

  • Amanda Campano

    Director of Fundraising

    COKO would be at a loss if it weren't for Amanda's keen eye on always finding ways to spread the word of COKO.

  • Tim Marco

    Director of Children Activities

    Tim's passion for the children of COKO comes across for his work for us. Tim can be found at home in NC or just as easily at COKO in Moshi Tanzania.

  • John Abdallah

    Chief Patron

    John is in charge of all the children of "COKO" along with Fetty our Chief Matron.

  • Fatuma Ntahonda

    Chief Matron

    Fatuma, or as we call her "Fetty" is in charge of all the children at COKO. She is wonderful at her job and children and staff adore her. At times can be found in the kitchen as she is also a great cook. Our orphanage is proud to have her.

  • Gudila Kilian Kanji

    Head Cook / Second Matron / Teacher

    Gudila has a wonderful way with the children. It doesn't take long to be around Gudila to know she loves her job. We are so lucky to have her.

  • Beatrice Richard

    Head Teacher

    The children really love having Beatrice as their teacher. Her hard work shows as our children are in the top 10% of their classes.

  • Grace Bernard

    Housekeeping & Childrens Activities

    Grace is another one of our full time workers who lives at COKO and is our cleaner and helps out where ever she can. Grace can always be found with a big smile playing with the children after her work is done.

  • Glory Jerome

    Housekeeping & Childrens Activities

    Glory helps with cooking and cleaning and the children love to be around her.

  • Lucy

    Housekeeping & Childrens Activities

    Lucy is our youngest staff member and most recent hire. She always be found with a smile on her face helping others.

  • Juma Ally Irunde

    Chief Security Officer

    Juma is great at his job and is a wonderful cook and storyteller who the children truly love.

  • Debora Kiwia

    Full Time Nurse

    We are so happy to have a full-time live-in nurse on our staff at COKO. Deborah fits right and is always there helping out in any job at COKO that needs to be done.